Choosing the right machine can blow the sky? Cost-effective hair dryer recommended list

Nanoe nano water ion 300 yuan is the most worth buying hair dryer

One of the low-end hot-selling products of the Panasonic hair dryer series is also one of the most cost-effective products. It is considered to be the most worthy hair dryer within 300 yuan. Using Panasonic’s unique nanoe technology, it can generate weakly acidic (pH 5.5 or so) 18nm diameter charged water particles, water and abundance, care for hair, effectively inhibit scalp oil secretion. 3 wind speed / 2 air volume freely switch, support 50 °C healthy soft wind mode. The handle can be folded, the appearance of the paint is fashionable and high-grade; the power is 1600W, the air volume is sufficient; the cold air function and the mute function are provided. When the activity is less than 300 yuan, it is just needed.

Global voltage Compact and lightweight IONTEC anion

The BRAUN HD350 hair dryer is the new main portable style. First, don’t worry about the voltage problem, 110-120V/220-240V two-speed voltage adaptability, so you don’t have to worry about the transformer problem when you are in a foreign country. This global voltage adaptation may be chilly. Second, the compact, lightweight, fold-able body is only slightly larger than the sunglasses after folding. Third, BRAUN exclusive IONTEC anion penetration technology protects hair, reduces static, rejects edgy, and is suitable for damaged hair. 1600W power and 2 levels of heat adjustment for quick drying of hair and saving time. The activity is about 160 yuan, and the price is attractive.

Platinum negative ion and nano water ion double blessing

Once, NA45 is the flagship of Panasonic’s hair dryer, supporting constant temperature, mainly platinum negative ion and nano water ion technology, platinum negative ions can remove static protection hair scales, nano water ions is the one mentioned above NA30, dual technology blessing Keep your hair smooth and water-oil balanced. Support 5 speeds of wind speed adjustment, can replace two types of air nozzles, power 1600W. When the event is 400 yuan, it is worth starting.

Salon-type hairdressing collagen with negative ions

TESCOM is a Japanese small appliance company, but its hair dryer is very popular, whether in Japan or in other countries. The TESCOM TCDF40 hair dryer won the 2017 Home Appliances Epland Award and the AWE Volkswagen Welcome Product Award. Mainly salon-style hair collagen with anion generator and collagen box. The honeycomb-shaped collagen box is a special material coated with collagen powder. It is released after being heated, combined with the moisture in the air, and reaches the hair together with the negative ion beam, so that the blown hair is very smooth and shiny. Degree, in order to ensure the effect, need to be replaced every two years (including twice a day, each time using 15 minutes). Fold-able design with scalp care mode, adjustable three-speed wind, instant cold wind, hot air. The air volume is 1.4m3/min, the power is 1600W, and the weight is 680g.

Tourmaline soft wind technology continuous negative ion fluffy preferred

T3 is a hair dryer brand from the United States. It is recognized as one of the high-end hair dryers in the industry and is the first choice for many Hollywood stars. This hair dryer adopts the tourmaline soft wind technology and built-in ion generator, which can continuously release negative ions during use. In the process of rapid dry hair, it does not damage the hair, which makes the hair more smooth and shiny. The ergonomically designed handle makes it more comfortable to hold.

As for the screaming Feather weight, because of its light weight, large amount of air, the hair that is blown out is fluffy and soft, like feathers, suitable for small friends who like fluffy hair. Optional 2, 2i, mini version, etc. Take T3 Featherweight Luxe2 as an example, the activity is about 800 yuan.

Panasonic hair dryer National Bank flagship

Panasonic EH-NA98C, the current flagship of the Bank of China, compared with the previous flagship EH-NA97, in the production of nanoe and wind, about 20% increase, so the improvement of hair moisture is obvious. With constant temperature hair care, alternating hot and cold, as well as many practical functions such as scalp and skin mode.

1800w power, 1.3m3/min wind power, more than enough for the home, thousand yuan hair dryer preferred, as the value is not worth the price, the basic will be recognized. The disadvantage is that the body size is larger and slightly heavier. As for Dyson, who is known as Hermes in the hair dryer industry, she does not recommend it. Personally, she cannot match this paragraph. When the event is 900 yuan, the pursuit of high-quality hair dryers can be achieved in one step.

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